Compare and Contrast Graphic Organizers - Free Templates

Printable compare and contrast graphic organizer papers available to download. Get PDF compare and contrast papers for paragraph reading or concepts comparing.

Compare and Contrast Graphic Organizer

Comparing and contrasting things is a vital skill that students need to develop during elementary and middle school. Using a compare and contrast chart will help students engage in deep thinking in comparing two concepts, and learn how to use a graphic organizer to visualize likeness and differences between two things. There are lots of designs that can be used for comparing and contrasting. The ones most common to see are Venn chart and comparing chart.

Download PDF or Editable File

Listed below are a variety of graphic organizers that can be used with students in comparing and contrasting two aspects. You can choose any one best suit your purpose or save all the files at one time for future use. The files are provided with two formats- PDF and EDDX. EDDX version could be modified, but only if you have installed Edraw. You can try Edraw free version and experience the powerful ability in creating any kind of graphic organizer.

Free Compare and Contrast Graphic Organizers Templates

Template 1 - Compare and Contrast Venn Chart

Among hundreds of compare and contrast venn chart on the internet, this one can easily stand out because it's bright, colored and engaging. No matter you use it to make lesson plans or print out as worksheets, this graphic organizer will definitely work successfully. Click the picture to download. Learn more about using Venn diagrams for teaching.

Compare and Contrast Venn Chart

Template 2 - Compare and Contrast Worksheet

Awesome download PDF of compare and contrast worksheet. It's simple but very applicable. Just print it out and let students fill in the blank area. If you want to change the number of aspects in the "different" part, you need to download the EDDX version and edit with Edraw.

Compare and Contrast Worksheet

Template 3 - Comparison and Contrast

This cute comparison and contrast template is great for both ppt presentation and worksheet. Use it to make the homework interesting and enjoyable. Click the picture to download PDF or EDDX file.

Comparison and Contrast Chart

Template 4 - Compare and Contrast Chart

Another compare and contrast chart is provided here. You will need this specific compare and contrast graphic organizer when comparing two things. Quickly download and print for your students.

Compare and Contrast Chart

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