How to Create a Google Cloud Platform Diagram

This guide will show you how to create a Google Cloud Platform diagram quickly. You can create any of Google Cloud Platform diagrams without experienced drawing skills. Let's start right now.


Step 1: Open a Blank Page

You can see a list of pre-set templates in the Available Templates library. You can double-click one of them to add to a new drawing canvas in your user interface.

gcp software interface

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Step 2: Insert Google Cloud Platform Icons

You can create any Google Cloud Platform diagrams by dragging and dropping pre-made GCP icons. The libraries are on the left of the canvas. Simply click the Library button and go to Google Cloud Platform.

add gcp symbols

You can use Same Size tool under Home tab to make several shapes the same size quickly. You can also use Align and Distribute button to quickly align and distribute the shapes.

align and distribute shapes

Step 3: Change Style for Individual Unit

You can change the style of a single unit in your GCP draft diagram. Just go to Styles, and you will see a list of all the mainstream color options.

stylize individual unit

Step 4: Connect Parts

Go to Connector tool to connect two separate shapes.

create connectors

To change the connector style, go to Connectors. Simply choose a connector style from the drop-down list or hit the Create Theme Connector option to edit your own connector style.

edit connectors

Step 5: Insert Texts

edit gcp icons

Step 6: Change Google Cloud Platform Project Theme

Quickly change your Google Cloud Platform theme by a few clicks. Go to Themes to choose a theme for your diagram.

switch gcp project theme

Step 7: Insert More Details

Go to Insert to add more notes, comments, attachments, links, tables or images from your local files.

insert more contents

Step 8: Save, Export or Print Your Google Cloud Platform Diagram

export gcp diagram

Print Your Google Cloud Platform Diagram

print gcp diagram

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