Functional Organizational Chart

The functional organizational chart is structured with executives on the top and employees at the bottom. People are divided into different departments according to their specialties or functions they serve in the company.

Basic Functional Organizational Charts

Most of the time, every company will be divided into several departments, such as accounting, human resources, marketing, administration and engineering . Sometimes, for example, a start-up business tends to use the following functional organizational chart in which only one member is in charge of a department.

Functional Software Company Organizational Chart

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Functional Organizational Charts for Small Businesses

Small businesses usually perfer to use flat organizational structures to improve working efficiency and reduce cost. The picture below shows a kind of functional organizational structure which is applicable to small businesses.

functional organizational structure

Functional Organizational Charts for Large-Scale Companies

In contrast to small businesses, the functional organizational structures of large-scale companies are more complicate and there are more levels of management shown in the org charts. Otherwise, the employees will be confused about who they should report the work to.

Functional Organizational Chart

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