Visio Alternative for Windows, Mac and Linux

Edraw Max is the best Visio alternative for Windows, Mac and Linux to quickly create flowchart, mind maps, org chart, engineering diagrams, etc.

The Best Quality Visio Alternative Ever

What is the best Visio alternative to create vector diagrams?

The answer is Edraw Max. It is Visio compatible and a full-functioned Visio alternative for students, teachers and business professionals to reliably create and publish various kinds of flowcharts, mind maps, organizational charts, network diagrams, floor plans, electrical diagrams, software design diagrams, maps and more.

Visio Alternative

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Why Edraw is a Great Visio Alternative Software?

Many Visio users have to give up Visio because of its high price and frequent renewal. Among of them, many people choose Edraw for Visio alternative. Edraw is affordable and capable for hundreds of diagram creation. It's one of the best desktop Visio alternatives which is fast, easy, and stable.

Many people might mistakenly believe that software with higher price will definitely better than the one with the lower price. About this concern, please be rest assured that Edraw is dedicated to offering quality diagramming software for our most respected users at an affordable price. We are continuously working on the product and trying to make it better and better. Now it could fully replace the functions and features in Visio, and even works on Mac and Linux OS.

Moreover, if you choose the lifetime license, you will gain a lifetime upgrade maintenance for free.

Fully Visio Compatible

Don't worry if your colleagues or clients are still using Visio. Edraw is fully compatible with Visio, so you can share files and collaborate with other Visio users.

Support More Platforms than Visio

Visio is only available on Windows, but Edraw could also work on Mac and Linux. This is a great benefit for cross-platform users.

Operating System
support windows
support windowssupport macsupport linux

Offers More Drawing Templates and Symbols Than Visio

Edraw gives you much more drawing possibilities than Visio. It's a truly all-in-one diagram software trying to solve all your diagramming and data visualization issues. Besides flowcharts, mind maps, floor plans and org charts, you can also draw infographics, fashion design, cards, business forms, etc. Each type come with good-looking templates and examples that you can start on. You spend one payment for hundreds of products.

Drawing Ability
Drawing Types
About 100
About 260
Built-in Symbols
Less than 20
More than 800

Cheaper and with Better Service than Visio

Visio requires additional payment for every upgrade service, but Edraw offers a lifetime license and the price is much cheaper. Moreover, we offer more tutorial materials, including user manual (PDF), dynamic help (within the software), and online videos.

Price and Service
Need to Pay
Include a Lifetime License for Free Upgrade
Only User Manual
User Manual and Video Tutorial

Main Features Comparison with Visio

Edraw not only contains the features Visio has, but also includes some features Visio doesn't have. For example, the floating buttons make it more straightforward to diagram, and the vector sketching tools let users design any symbol fast and easily.

Diagram Features Comparison
Drag and Drop
Snap and Glue
Layers & Background
Grids & Guides
Automatic Spacing & Alignment
Multiple Connector Styles
Text Box Tool
Add and Edit Connector Texts
Add, Move and Delete Connection Points
Junction Jogs
Multiple Pages
Expandable Canvas
Create Charts from Data Source
Add Attachment
Add Comments
Expand & Collapse Shapes
Page Size Fit to Drawing
Replace Shapes
Cloud Collaboration
Text and Graphic Tools Comparison
Character Formatting
Paragraph Formatting
Theme and Effect
Quick Style
Import Images & Graphics
Automatic Symbol Resize
Transparency and Shadow
Pattern Fill
Texture Fill
Picture Fill
Quick Action Button
Quick Color Palette
Define Default Connector Style
Clip Art Gallery
Automatic Text Extend
Symbol Drawing Toolkit
symbol drawing toolkit
Create Custom Themes
Editable Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Drawing Types Comparison with Visio

One of the main reasons people choose Edraw instead of Visio is that it supports more diagram drawing types. Each drawing type includes extensive design symbols and examples for users to get started fast. From the chart below, you can easily recognize the difference.

Overview of Drawing Types Comparison

drawing types comparison with Visio
Diagram Types
Basic Flowchart
Basic Flowchart, Highlight Flowchart, BPMN
Floor Plan
Floor Plan, Garden Plan, Fire and Emergency Layout, Seating Plan
Mind Map
Mind Map, Concept Map, Bubble Diagram
Gantt Chart, Timeline
Gantt Chart, Timeline, HOQ, WBS Diagram, Status Table
Basic Network Diagram, Rack Diagram
Basic Network Diagram, Rack Diagram, 3D Network, Cisco network, AWS
Organizational Chart
Organizational Chart, Custom Org Chart, Family Tree
Engineering Diagram
Electrical Diagram, P&ID, PFD
Electrical Diagram, P&ID (simple and visual styles), PFD
Directional Map
Directional Map, Subway Map, World Map
UML, Program Diagram
UML, Program Diagram, NS Diagram, Use Case Diagram
Business Card
Infographics for Education, Environment, Medical, Transportation,
Food, Music, Tourism, New, Business, architecture, etc.
Business Form
Invoice, Quotation Form, Fax Cover, Packing List,
Report Form, Sales Form, etc.
Fashion Design
Fashion Design for Women, Men, and Kids
Charts and Graphs
Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Line Chart, Area Chart,
Gauges Chart, Scatter Chart
Holiday Cards, Invitation Cards, Post Cards
Science Illustration
Laboratory Equipment Shapes, Mechanic Illustration, Human Organs,
Chemistry Equation, molecular model, etc.

Cloud Collaboration

Team collaboration in Visio is not available if you don't pay to get the Microsoft Sharepoint. But as a better Visio alternative, the function is already built-in in Edraw. You can use it anytime you want. Edraw cloud help you save process, share documents, comment works, and collaborate with team members effectively.

Cloud Collaboration

Reviews About Our Visio Alternative

I was wondering what is the best alternate to Microsoft's Visio that you guys use for your projects. I'm interested in something that looks nice for presentations with non-technical upper management. Edraw is so excellent product if you're looking for a professional level product that's easy to use. It's easy to switch Visio to Edraw.-----Edward

I was looking for an easy-to-use alternative to Microsoft Visio for drawing, and a friend of mine recommended Edraw software. It is a very user-friendly software, and I have been using it since then.-----Joe

I think Edraw software is just a perfect Visio replacement, it is probably my favorite software.-----Tina

Edraw is a pretty sexy replacement to Visio for it takes smaller memory and shorter installation time.-----David

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Get Started! You Will Love This Easy-To-Use Diagram Software.

Edraw Max is perfect not only for professional-looking flowcharts, organizational charts, mind maps, but also network diagrams, floor plans, workflows, fashion designs, UML diagrams, electrical diagrams, science illustration, charts and graphs... and that is just the beginning!