UML Package Diagram - Create UML Package Diagrams

UML Package Diagrams are constructs that help you organize model elements into groups. They can group together elements that are related. This article will show you how to create one easily and quickly.

The purpose of UML Package Diagrams is to organize elements into groups to provide better structure for a system model and illustrate the dependencies between different packages of this system. This article will mainly focus on two parts:

Basic Knowledge of UML Package Diagram

A UML Collaboration diagram, can show both structure and dependencies between sub-systems or modules in a system.

Here are the main features of UML Package Diagram:

Shapes and Symbols of UML Package Diagram:

How to Create UML Package Diagram

Following is a step by step tutorial about how to create UML Package diagram with a professional UML Diagramming Tool. With the help of this powerful UML Diagramming Tool, you will find it not difficult at all to create a UML package diagram at all, its various built-in shapes and convenient smart connectors enables you to get started.

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1: Open a UML Package Template for Creating UML Package Diagrams

Go to File menu > New > Software > UML Model Diagram > UML Package Diagram, and then double click the icon to open the template then customize your own, or double click click on UML Model Diagram to open a new drawing page for your UML Package Diagram.

Open a New Drawing Page for UML Package Diagram

2: Add UML Package Diagram Shapes

Drag and drop shapes from the library on the left. Rulers and connecting dots will automatically appear on the shapes, all you need to do is to adjust the position and Edraw will tell you whether it is in the right position or not. As one of the greatest features of this UML diagramming tool, it will greatly increase your efficiency.

Add Shapes for UML Package Diagram

3: Connect Shapes for UML Collaboration Diagram

Ues arrows to connect the shapes together. Again, the connection dots and rulers will help you find the right place to connect shapes. Make sure your UML Package Diagram is logical.

Connect Shapes for UML Package Diagram

4: Add Contents for UML Package Diagram

Double click the shape and type in the text. The size, color and position of the shapes are editable as well. This is the final step of constructing your UML collaboration diagram, make sure it is logical and easy to follow.

5: Save or Export UML Package Diagram

Under the "File" tab, hit "Save" to save your UML Package diagram as the default format .eddx, or click on "Save as" under "File" tab to save as other formats.

save UML Class diagram

Click "Export & Send" under "File" tab to export the UML Package diagram to other formats including PowerPoint, JPG, PDF and so on.

Export UML Diagram

More Templates

Here are more templates for UML Package Diagram. All templates on Edraw are available for free download and customize.

UML Package Diagram Template for Order

Simple UML Package Diagram Template

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