Tutorial - How to Read Circuit Diagrams

A circuit diagram is like a map that shows electricity flows. This tutorial will show you a few of the common symbols and some of the professional terms to help you read circuit diagrams.

Learning to read electrical schematics is like learning to read maps. Electrical schematics show which electrical components used and how they are connected together. The electronic symbols consisted represent each of the components used. The symbols are connected with lines.

Recognizing Electrical Schematic Terms

Here are some of the standard and basic terms of circuit diagrams:

Recognizing Circuit Diagrams Symbols

Once you know the language or terms of circuit diagrams, you are half way of being able to reading them. In circuit diagrams, there are many electrical symbols that are used to represent different electrical components and devices. Here is an overview of the most used symbols in circuit diagrams.

Symbols for Circuit Diagrams

Once you know the language and symbols of electrical drawings, you will be able to read circuit diagram. To be able to read circuit diagrams, it’s important to keep the basic knowledge of the field in mind. The more you get to know the languages and drawing symbols of electrical designs, the more prepared you will be while reading circuit diagrams.

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Schematic Maker

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