Spider Map Graphic Organizer - Free Templates

Spider map is an effective visualizing tool used in learning and teaching. This page offers free spider map graphic organizer templates. Click on the picture to download the templates for free.

What Is a Spider Map?

A spider map graphic organizer is an organizational tool used to display knowledge in a visual framework which looks like a cobweb. It allows students to organize information from readings and make connections in a meaningful structure. Actually, it looks similar to a mind map, settling the central topic in the center and developing subtopics and further ideas in surrounding branches.

Spider Map Graphic Organizer

Spider Map vs. Mind Map

Seeing the template of a spider map above, you may find that spider maps look similar to mind maps and doubt how they differ. Click to view a comparison between mind maps and spidergrams. The following elements used in spider maps differentiate spider maps from mind maps:

Compare Spider Map with Mind Map

Spider Map Graphic Organizer Maker

Spider maps are important pedagogic aids for teachers and students, and are not as complicated as mind maps to design. If you find them useful, you can download Edraw graphic organizer software to make spider maps. Comparing with hand-drawn spider maps, digital ones are easier to store, edit and view. The teacher can make spider maps as worksheets to test students' mastery of the content.

Spider Map Graphic Organizer Maker

Try this easy graphic organizer maker:

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Spider Map Graphic Organizer Templates

The following are spider map templates that you can download and use for free. The eddx files are vector-based and all the texts, fonts colors, and symbols are editable. Click on the picture to download the templates for free. You can edit and customize them for your own use with Edraw graphic organizer software.

Spider Diagram Graphic Organizer Template 2 Spider Diagram Graphic Organizer Template 1 Spider Diagram Graphic Organizer Template 3

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