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Genogram Software for Linux, Mac, Windows

Make full use of easy Edraw genogram software for Mac, Windows and Linux with complete and professional symbols and templates. Edraw Genogram software makes it convenient to build simple and complex genograms easily and quickly.



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Convenient Sharing

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Make Professional Genograms with Abundant Symbols and Templates


Genogram symbols

Launch Edraw genogram software and the Genogram symbols library appears on the left of the interface. Make full use of these symbols to display basic familial information, family relationships, emotional status and medical situation of all individuals in a genogram. All symbols are vector-based and are customizable to meet personalized demands.

Make genograms from Templates

Medical genofram template

Beginners can start with one of the included genogram examples and templates. For example, the one on the right already has a complete medical genogram started for you with your genetic family: grandparents, parents and son. Add other family members and display their information using the genogram symbol library provided. Change the texts, background, colors and layout to make personalized genogram.

easy, flexible and versatile operation

Easy genogram software

Edraw genogram software is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux. You are able to finish your creation anywhere with any devices. This software has a versatile and easy-to-use UI which is similar to that of MS Office applications. You can find corresponding functions in Home, Insert, Page Layout, Symbols and Help tabs and output high-quality genograms.

Export and Share genograms Conveniently

export and share genograms

Once you have finished the genogram with Edraw genogram software, you can conveniently save or export it into various commonly-used file formats flawlessly, such as .png, .jpg, .html, .svg, .pdf, .word, .ppt, etc. Users even can edit in PPT, Excel, Word applications. Sharing and publicizing genograms has never been easier!

Available Organizational Chart Types

All the organizational chart types below have special symbols and templates in our organizational chart maker. Choose the exact template to start your design.

Organizational Chart

Organizationa l Chart

Custom Orgchart

Custom Organizational Chart

Family Tree

Family Tree



You Will Love This Cross-Platform Genogram Software!

Enjoy creating genograms on multi-platforms with this user-friendly software. You'll be surprised by its abundant design elements and templates, amazed on how easy it works, and satisfied with the high-quality service and cost-effective price. Try it now!