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The fastest and easiest way to draw arrow diagrams is available here. You can definitely make a unique and impressive arrow diagram in less than 5 minutes.

How long do you often spend in creating an arrow diagram? Maybe you often need more than 30 minutes. From now on, you can do it in less than 5 minutes. Just use automatic software and start from ready-made templates. Edraw is such an amazing tool. Download and try it free for 30 days. See the detailed guide to make arrow diagram in Edraw in the next section. Here is an amazing example for your reference.

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The Quickest Way to Create Arrow Diagrams

To begin with, start Edraw and open a template. In the templates pane, double click Arrows Diagram. Three libraries and one blank canvas open.

Secondly, select your preferable template and drag it to the canvas in the suitable position. Right after the temple is put on the blank page, its selection handles show by default for easier editing. Learn more about these templates on page: Smart and Special Arrow Diagram Templates.

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The third step is editing the shape. Drag the green selection handle to resize it. Drag them outwards to enlarge it and drag them inwards to make it smaller. Count how many arrows do you need and click the floating action button to add or delete arrow.

Make Arrows Diagram

Then, it is about sequencing the subtopics and inputting information. Edraw symbols are designed with text boxes. Double click on the symbol and type in contents according to your need. Press Ctrl + 2 and select the text box to resize, move or rotate the text box. The text box turns purple after selected. Press Ctrl + 1 to go on shape editing.

Make Arrows Diagram

By now, a simple arrow shape has already been finished. If you need to customize it, you can choose to add background or other kind of shapes. Click the Libraries button to opt for mare shapes.

The last step is saving the diagram. Select Save under File to save it as EDDX format. Click Save As... to transform it into other formats. Alternatively, use its keyboard shortcut. Print and Export can also be done under File menu.

Make Arrows Diagram

Construct Arrow Diagrams from Readymade Examples

Here are some ready-to-use arrow diagram examples that can help you get a jump start. Just replace the sample text with your own contents.

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