How to Create an Enterprise Architecture Diagram

This article will show you a quick simple guide on how to create an enterprise architecture diagram. Feel free to create any enterprise architecture diagrams even without any professional drawing skills. Let's take a look right now!


Step 1: Start with a Blank Drawing Page

Open Edraw Max 9.0, and refer to File > New> Business Diagram > Enterprise Architecture. Then you will see a new drawing canvas.

how to create enterprise architecture diagram

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Step 2: Add Enterprise Architecture Symbols

You can create enterprise architecture diagram by dragging and dropping pre-made symbols. The libraries are on the left of the canvas. Simply click the Library button and find Business Diagram > Enterprise Architecture. First, you can drag the boxes to build up the framework, then you can add symbols to the program.

add enterprise architecture symbols

Step 3: Change the Style of a Single Unit

Once created some units and added some symbols to your diagram, you can change the styles of these symbols. Simply refer to Home > Styles.

change single unit style

Step 4: Connect Your Enterprise Architecture Shapes

To connect two shapes, you can use the Connector tool from the Home menu. There are straight connectors, curved connectors, and freestyle connectors to choose.

connect ea units

To set default Connector style, please refer to Page Layout > Connectors. You can select from any of the pre-defined styles, or click the Create Theme Connector at the bottom of the drop-down list to set custom default connectors.

edit connectors

Step 5: Add Texts to a Shape

add text

Step 6: Change Overall Style of the Diagram

You can quickly change the overall style of your diagram by changing themes. Go to Page Layout, so you can see a list of themes. Click one of them to change the overall style of the diagram. After choosing a theme, you can further change the Theme Colors, Theme Fonts or Theme Effects.

change project style

Final Step: Save or Export Your Enterprise Architecture Diagram

export your projects

Alternative Step A: Insert Additional Information

Feel free to add any notes, comments, attachments, external links, tables or pictures into your work. Simply go to Insert menu.

insert additional information

Alternative Step B: Customize Your Symbols

All the pre-set symbols in Edraw Max 9.0 are editable. Simply go to Symbols to choose from a wide range of functions and features.

edit your symbols

Alternative Step C: Print Your Enterprise Architecture Diagram

print your projects

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